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South Carolina Medical Association to Support Free Drug Card Program

The South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA) has officially announced its support to help the South Carolina Drug Card provide prescription assistance to residents in South Carolina.

"We are excited about our new partnership with the South Carolina Drug Card and the opportunity to help promote this resource to the patients of South Carolina," said Todd Atwater, SCMA chief executive officer. "In tough economic times, it can be hard for many to find a way to pay for their prescriptions, and having tools like the South Carolina Drug Card bring us one step closer to ensuring that the health care needs of South Carolina patients are being met."

South Carolina Drug Card, which is free to all South Carolina residents, provides savings of up to 75% on prescription drugs at more than 56,000 pharmacies across the country, with no membership restrictions, income requirements, age limitations, or applications to fill out.

The program was launched in response to help fulfill the need of uninsured and underinsured residents who need help in affording their prescription medications. However, the program can also be used by people who have health insurance coverage with no prescription medications, which is common in many health savings accounts (HSAs) and high deductible health plans. Additionally, people who have prescription coverage can use this program for non-covered drugs.

Residents can download a free card, search drug pricing, and locate a participating pharmacy by visiting:

About the South Carolina Medical Association

The SCMA, comprised of over 6,000 physicians, was founded in 1848 and is the voice of the medical profession in South Carolina. Its purpose is to support the efforts of South Carolina physicians and to advocate for quality medical care and good health on behalf of the citizens of South Carolina, as well as to represent and serve the interests of physicians.