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South Carolina Drug Card featured in Portfolio Magazine (Summer / Fall 2016)

Pharmacy Times (May 2016)

South Carolina Drug Card was featured in the Summer / Fall 2016 issue of Portfolio, the official magazine of Palmetto Health Foundation.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has announced a new partnership with South Carolina Drug Card that will enable us to help more children in our area. Each time a prescription is processed through South Carolina Drug Card, Children’s Hospital will receive a donation. South Carolina Drug Card is a statewide prescription assistance program, and all South Carolina residents are eligible to have their prescriptions processed through this Rx savings card. Find out more at

Portfolio (Summer / Fall 2016)

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Ad: Pharmacy Times (May 2016)

Pharmacy Times (May 2016)

A Children's Miracle Network Hospitals ad was featured in Pharmacy Times (May 2016 Issue). A donation will be made to your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital each time a prescription is processed through the Rx Assistance Program.

Pharmacy Times (May 2016)