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South Carolina Drug Card Helping Families and Neighbors

With all the uncertainties in healthcare right now, we would like to remind all residents that the South Carolina Drug Card is here to help. With the help of CVS, the program's preferred pharmacy; we are reaching out to let people know that this program is here to help lower prescription expenses.

The South Carolina Drug Card program offers statewide prescription assistance for all residents. There are no eligibility requirements or restrictions and the program is absolutely free to all. To access the program go to and download your free card, or visit your local CVS and ask for the program.

This prescription savings card is honored by most pharmacies though out the state, it is designed to help those who have little to no insurance coverage, as well as those with insurance, discounting non-covered medications. Program Director, Bert Melancon, states that "Anyone can print a card and bring it to their pharmacist to see how it may benefit them; it is compatible with all insurances, including Part D Plans, H.S.A.'s, and High Deductibles".

Since the program was introduced about 4 years ago, the South Carolina Drug Card program has helped thousands of citizens saving millions of dollars, on their prescriptions. Mr. Melancon added "regardless of your position on the health care debate, all will be affected in one form or another, the South Carolina Drug Card is a free program offering a helping hand during these economic times." The South Carolina Drug Card has partnered with numerous hospitals, health fairs and healthcare related organizations, including Health Access America, Palmetto Outreach, Children's Chance and others, in reaching out to those who may need it most. The South Carolina Drug Card program is as easy as going to and downloading a card or by visiting your local CVS/pharmacy.